Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Container Ochestrators



Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration framework (create and manage multiple docker containers).
  • By Google.
  • Huge GitHub activity.
  • Runs everywhere (on-premise clusters or on cloud with support for AWS,GCE and Azure out of the box).
  • Declarative
  • Builds the cluster and maintains it: network abstraction and management, scale adding nodes, remove nodes, etc.
  • Service upgrade and rollback.
  • Resource abstraction and management: frees you from the machine. It does the segregation of the services in the machines. You only define the resource needs of each service in CPU, GB or percentages.
  • Storage abstraction and management: docker volumes, upgrades/restarts, 

Spark support


  • Mesos based.
  • Container technology agnostic but now centered on Docker.
  • Non containerized applications can also be deployed.

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