Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How to boot Linux with an incorrect fstab configuration

When a disk is removed or replaces Linux wont boot correctly until fstab is modified.

In  this situation the following message is shown:

The procedure to repair this error is as follows

1. Give the root password (you will go to single user mode).

2. Give read/write permission to / enter this command:
mount -o remount,rw /

3. Enter into /etc/fstab and rectify the configuration error:
vim /etc/fstab

4. Give command reboot or init 5 (as per your wish).

Data table (grid) implementations for Angular Material

Disperse colors generation tool

Nice tool for generating distinct colors for charts, etc.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Routing engines


  • Open source. GPLv2.
  • Add routing extensions PostGIS (SQL extension functions).
  • osm2pgrouting converter implemented in C: very limited by the available memory.
  • Complex database model.


  • Open source. BSD.
  • C.
  • No project activity?.


  • Free, not open source.
  • Java.
  • Stores the data on PostGIS (single table model).
  • Includes a customizable converter via custom Java code.
  • Built-in mini Web server with map and routing UI.


  • Open source. Apache license.
  • Java.
  • Loads the graph on memory directly form OSM distribution files.
  • Subprojects: web server, map matcher, ...
  • The fastest? (article).